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4 Research Trends to Look for in 2022

2022 is coming and we can’t wait! The last days of 2021 are in full swing – there’s a strong sense that this year will be bids adieu (goodbye), with many people preparing for new beginnings on January 1st. As the time gets closer, it seems like every exponential trend either ended perfectly or is just getting started; so what does the next year have in store for the research industry? At insiTEQ our job becomes more interesting than ever before because we thrive in the ever-changing technological market research environment!

1. Using AI to understand the Voice of the Customer (VOC) Better

One of the most important things for brands to do is identify what their customers want and need. By listening closely, they can develop products or services that meet those needs while also gaining intelligence on how other companies are doing in different markets so as not be left behind when trends change unexpectedly!

Artificial intelligence is driving the future of marketing. As AI adoption grows, so too does its potential for improving how we gather and act on customer data – whether it be voice or facial recognition software that listens in on your conversations; chatbots who can carry out simple transactions like ordering coffee via Facebook Messenger without any human assistance at all! Artificial intelligence technology for VOC consumer insights will certainly continue to grow in 2022.

2. Content Authenticity and Searchability

Authentic content is the new way to stand out in a world where authenticity counts. When you are true and honest with your customers, they will be able see that reflected through all of their interactions with you whether it’s social media posts or reviews left by people who came into contact with them while browsing online stores-authenticity sparks deep reflection on both sides which creates opportunities for growth not only mutually but also as an industry overall!

The bar has been raised when it comes down SEO practices including voice search on Google than before; now we must master visual searches too if want higher rankings.

Voice Search – One of the most interesting trends in marketing currently is how artificial intelligence-based systems such as Google Home and Amazon Echo (and others) can now focus specifically on interactions between consumers and brands. Recognising this potential for optimisation 2022 provides an opportunity to consider what changes we need or want our websites/online presence to make in order accommodate voice search better than they have been able up until now..

Visual Search – The increase in voice search has also created a need for visual searches. With new intelligent technology being incorporated into apps and websites, as well as improved functionality through platforms like Pinterest’s recently released Lens feature that can identify what is being searched within pictures by Street View car images or the future Augmented Reality glasses included with Microsoft’s Hololens, now may be an excellent time to consider implementing image-based SEO strategies while they are fresh on your mind!

3. Storytelling 3.0

AR & VR – Virtual reality is gaining momentum in the world of AR and VR. It’s no wonder that people are turning to this new technology, as it offers an immersive experience like never before! You can now immerse yourself in a 360° environment with Google Cardboard or one of many other platforms available on your phone these days–allowing you access at any time without having spend too much money upfront (although if spending more than $40 then there may be some limitations).

In 2022, consumers are more interested in being a part of the story themselves. Whether it be through ARCTours that allow them to recreated virtual product tours or 3D videos for products available on YouTube; VR users can record their interactions with brands and share those experiences with others who may not have access to.

Video capture: The era of self-directed and observational mobile ethnography has arrived! With ever-evolving technology that allows for the fast storage analysis, capture via smart phone cameras or geo location in momentary video format will increasingly take center stage when providing an unprecedented view into consumers’ daily lives.

4. Meaningful Partnerships

That being said, here at insiTEQ, we believe that our commitment to innovation will help execute not only successful projects but also long-lasting business relationships through the implementation of new ideas within our consumer market research industry while maintaining high levels professionalism across all aspects of the business. We look forward to 2022!

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