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iQPaid is a one-of-a-kind online market research community that offers unparalleled market research solutions to research companies, brands and media agencies.

Whether it’s a focus group, interview, or survey, iQPaid gives you the ability to connect with respondents from all over the world in a matter of minutes. What’s more, our cutting-edge technology ensures that all data collected is of the highest quality, providing you with valuable insights that can help improve your business.

You always deal with real people, in real-time  and with whom you can engage and re-engage  in a meaningful and direct conversation.

In return, iQPaid users share valuable data points to help brands build better products and services.

iQPaid user journey

Meet one of our members Liza Roberto

1. Liza's iQPaid public profile

Liza is an active member of iQPaid community. She is a part of a number of iQPaid groups including “SurveyNow” and “Nature Lovers”.

Liza often takes part in tracking market research studies, offering her views and opinions on certain product types’ usage such as cosmetics and skin care creams.

Similar to quantitative studies, Liza is an eager participant of various online focus groups that are available within the iQPaid  platform.

2. Liza's data points

Through our interactive community engagement, Liza voluntarily offers her first-party data points, collected by a range of insiTEQ’s propriety technologies, including surveys, website activity trackers, Total Market Quotient (tmQ), and more.

This process allows us to build the most accurate and always up-to-date consumer profiles and segments and draw real-time insights into consumers’ attitude, behaviour, service preference, brand usage, media consumption, lifestyle, future outlook and more. 

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3. Now meet Liza

Liza, is a student who is going through typical challenges of being a young adult in South Africa: Edu loan repayment. She still lives with her parents, which helps her bolster some of the financial constrains and allows her to have an MTN cell phone contract, an FNB credit card and a second hand 2014 Ford Fiesta. Liza’s car is insured with King Price insurance company and her monthly car insurance premium is R790, which she thinks is quite expensive.  Liza is single with no kids. In her free time, Liza goes to the local Morningside’s Virgin Active gym, enjoys shopping in Sandton City. Within the next two years Liza is looking to move to Cape Town and continue her studies in UCT. Liza is passionate about preserving the environment and wishes that the local government could do more in this regard.  

The future of consumer market research, its data collection, data processing and interpretation is behind
real people and meaningful connections.


Existing market research panels and data collection service providers

  1. Data gets collected face-to-face or 
  2. Questionnaires may be left with users and get collected days / weeks later
  3. Data validity verification and update – extremely hard and costly
  4. Use of waves to collect more users data where re-engaging with the same users is not always feasible

iQPaid - new online market research community

  1. All data is collected in real time, by verified users 
  2. Consumer data is online web-based, always up-to-date and can be accessed from anywhere and any time
  3. With iQPaid you always deal with real people with whom you may engage at any point*
  4. Ability to re-engage with the same users over time and track consumer behaviour change, differences in attitude,  product value perception and more!

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