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Cost-effective market research solutions to stay ahead of your competition, find new customers, and make more informed strategic business decisions.

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Would you like to learn what people feel and think about your brand?


Usability testing is a critical step in the process of turning your idea into reality.

Survey design and fielding

Do you require help to design your research? insiTEQ can assist.


Would you like fast answers that help you build a business case?

Customer segmentation research​

Cost-effective. Web-based and immediate. It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen!


Whether you require an idea screening or a concept testing, insiTEQ does it all and in record time.

Campaign effectiveness and ads testing

The fastest way to evaluate the strength of your ads.


See how well your brand is doing compared to your competitors in a way that’s easy and intuitive!

At insiTEQ we have a multitude of research elements and market research solutions that embody adaptive and continuous thoughts and ideas. These provide a wide range of developments, business solutions, and marketing services that allow brands to genuinely entrench themselves in consumer truth. This gives brands the unique ability to understand, perceive, and see what customers want and need.

insiTEQ makes use of different solutions that help brands tackle different challenges that require consumer insights in a way that empower them to make impactful business decisions. Let us assist you with you business requirements and help you answer some fundamental questions.

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