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Sample and Fielding

“Good data is expensive. Quality data is priceless.

Whether you are looking to build a panel or simply carry out fieldwork and distribute your research instrument, Insiteq understands the importance of communicating with the right people, at the right time and using the correct means of communication to ensure the validity and reliability of your research.

Dynamic segmentation

Identify target segments through demographics, psychographics or usage. Manage your own panels and identify the way each group responds to products or messages.


Project Management

Research is important, so are your daily business operations. Let us find your respondents, launch your survey, manage all the screeners, quotas and redirects.


Quality Control

Geofencing, Silent Recordings & Photo Capturing, Duration measurement along with Predictive Quality Control. We're obsessed with your quality!

Quota Management

Set up quotas on segments and work with the exact sample you need for your surveys. We will monitor, and give reporting on quotas to provide security that the project is running smoothly.

Programming & Logic

Are you a complicated person? We understand nothing is ever as simple as "Yes" or "No" that's why our survey capabilities allow you to Programme and control your online survey based on any logic and at any point during the survey.


Communicate with the right people, at the right time and using the correct means of communication with omnichannel survey distributions. Send surveys through email, mobile, online and SMS.

  • Increase your research speed with faster responses
  • Get higher quality data with surveys on respondents’ preferred device
  • Distribute surveys across multiple channels in a few clicks
  • Target precise customer segments

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