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Complex nested quota management

insiTEQ provides an effective way of managing complex nested quotas for any market research type.

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Clients have previously experienced challenges with traditional systems recognizing nested quotas – these are quotas that depend on more than one question.

For example, limit the responses to 50: Indian females, between the ages 18–25-years-old, within LSM5 that come from North West.

How traditional systems work

Traditional quota systems populate quotas using OR logic:
If a respondent Male OR from Northwest/a particular province (simple), and not whether a respondent is Male AND from North West/a particular province (nested)

This works well where clients require simple and separate quotas.

Where the client requires 50 females and 30 males.

Q. What is your gender:
[_] Male
[_] Female

As mentioned above, traditional systems view each question that derives each variable/answer individually and not collectively to create one quota, even though it was set in the system as one quota.

Where a client requires 50: females, 18–25-year-old, Indian from Northwest in LSM 5.

How insiTEQ's nested quota management works

In order to tightly control complex audience mixes through nested quotas, a single question would be coded that encapsulates the nested quota that is required, which is hidden from the respondent by default. Should a client request several variables (Age, gender, race, province, where for example, client requires 50: 18–25-year-old, Indian females from Western cape in LSM 5), these would typically be derived from several questions if all those variables are met, they fire off as one on the hidden (nested quota) question.

What does it mean?

If a certain condition is met by a respondent based on their current answer, the above-mentioned question will be automatically added to their responses by the system, but they will never actually see it and continue onto the next question. Essentially it will be answered for them based on how they answer the related questions which will produce the nested quota result. The opposite is also true, if a specific condition is not met, the system will allow a respondent to continue without adding that hidden question. Unless specified to terminate if they don’t qualify for that quota.

What can be linked to a hidden question?

  • Any number of quota variables.
  • Quota limit which will help keep count of the specific nested quota or automatically terminate. 
  • Clients can choose to have these kinds of questions added to their reports to assist with data analysis or it can be removed when pulling any kind of report from our system.

Next steps?

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