insiTEQ | Market Research Company

Population & Reach

Is your current solution offering you a truly diverse and nationally representative sample?

Research Panels

insiTEQ owns its online research panels in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and many more being developed monthly.
We are capable of profiling our online panels across 80+; verified data-points including age, gender, ethnicity, region, home ownership, credit activity, employment, etc so that your research is of the utmost accuracy.

Online Panel Build

Are you a control freak? Good! SurveyNow helps online research companies build and maintain their own online research panels. Talk about 100% control.

API Integration

Do you have a project that requires a niche, hard to find sample? Here’s an easy solution!
insiTEQ offers the ability to integrate third-party API’s to automate your entire recruitment strategy by using 80+ data-points to match and recruit any demographic group or segment your study requires.